How To Responsive Web Design

7 css basics on how to responsive web design

April 30, 2013

OK so you have heard all the great wonders a responsive web design can bring to your HTML. What you have heard is not only true but is also very new, giving you an edge against your competitors if you act now. According to statistics on, at the end of 2012, a giant 23.1% of all internet traffic [...]

Good-day Sir

Good-day Sir

March 26, 2013

Hey folks welcome to the very first post of TrendyBiz. After the process off setting up and preparing the sanctuary where my ramblings will go, i can finally start sharing some stuff. Who am i?  I am a married New Zealander (Kiwi), currently living in Germany as a writer, web-designer , visual effects compositor, and 3D artist. I over [...]